02.08.2012 - IPHLA 2012: Philatelic literature captured in a unique catalogue!
There are early, important bibliographies about philatelic literature in the German language, edited by people like Victor Suppantschitsch or Max Ton.

Even in the works of the legendary E.D. Bacon (Crawford Library) you can find data about the subject. However, until today, no attempt was ever made to catalogue philatelic literature, published (in German) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the period 1862-1914. It always seemed too difficult, given the slow market and the a lack of relevant market and the absence of reliable market prices.
There is of course the website, where you can find prices obtained in bookstores for individual works, but this is not a substitute for a printed catalogue, a work containing all known titles (monographs, catalogues, magazines) that have appeared since the early days of philately. Given the rarity of many works (and also the difficult task of establishing their condition) it seemed impossible to give reliable prices.
Nevertheless Wolfgang Maassen, expert in matters of philatelic literature, has taken up the gauntlet. In his book, due to appear on 1 September of this year, he offers a number of detailed introductions in German and English, dealing with the publications and how to estimate their value. He also sets his teeth in the important questions concerning conservation. He offers a classification system which enables the determination of the relative value of the various publications, taking their condition in careful and systematic account.
The catalogue (with an extensive annex of keywords and references to catalogue numbers) is written in German and English. It offers 300 pages and over 1,200 catalogue prices. The book will be part of the series 'History of German Philately' from the same author, a series of numerous historical philatelic that have been published since 2004.
Format: A5; 300 pages, hardcover, price: 24,95 Euros plus postage (Germany: 5 Euros, abroad 10 Euros). You can get a discount of 10% when you order before 31 August 2012. More information and orders: Phil*Creativ Publishing, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal (Germany). Telephone: +[0]2163/30003, Fax +[0]2163/30003, E-Mail, website