03.04.2017 - Now out: PHILA HISTORICA 1/2017!

(wm) Since 2013, up to 3,000 readers have already acquainted themselves with a remarkable free online publication: PHILA HISTORICA. The digital magazine pays – amongst others – attention to philatelic history and literature. Thanks to the fact that every issue contains about 250 pages, and taking in account that the magazine is published four times a year, PHILA HISTORICA may be considered to be one of the most comprehensive publications of its kind. No wonder that collectors, authors and publishers in more than thirty countries worldwide appreciate the free editions of PHILA HISTORICA.
The latest edition of PHILA HISTORICA, number 1 of Volume 2017, has just been released. The focus in this issue lies on new discoveries. For example the first album of a Swedish collector from 1863 comes to the fore. Another interesting item that is described in PHILA HISTORICA 1/2017 is the almost unknown first color chart for stamp collectors. Also, the details of the very early auction for philatelic literature from the 19th century are given. Among the other often very comprehensive contributions readers will find the preliminary publication from another part of the series ‘Who is who in philately?’, this time dealing with names starting with the letter "K".
There is, however, also much to be found about recent events that will leave their mark on contemporary philatelic history. Like what has been happening recently within the Federation of German Philatelists (BDPh). In addition to this, the writings of the current President of the BDPh, Uwe Decker, are analyzed, documented and documented. Quite understandable, because contemporary history is also history.
You may download the latest version of PHILA HISTORICA if you pay a visit to the website