01.03.2017 - Swiss Post: postal network discussions continue

(sp) As part of the announced development of the postal network, Swiss Post has completed the first round of discussions with all 26 Swiss cantons, during which regional needs and development areas were discussed. Swiss Post is currently taking these initial findings into consideration with regard to the second round of discussions with the cantons. Until then, all assumptions on the development of the postal network in the individual cantons are purely speculative. Following the conclusion of these discussions, Swiss Post will conduct an initial review of the latest situation.
Swiss Post has maintained regular contact with individual authorities for some time. Since last autumn, there has been increased direct dialogue with the cantons, municipalities and the public to raise transparency and planning security. In an initial round of talks with all cantons, regional postal service needs were discussed. This included factors such as geographic location in rural areas, compatibility with cantonal structure plans and regional economic or demographic trends.