27.01.2017 - New: website POSTAL WAR

(wm/jh) A new bilingual website for postal history collectors of ‘Postal War’ items has recently gone public. The use of the site is free: you will find it on or
The site has been created and is managed by three specialist collectors of ‘Postal War’ items that have already published extensively: Jan Heijs, Wolfgang Elsner and Dieter Becker.
Thanks to the side you can participate free of charge in a virtual study group. There is a forum where discussions can take place and research results can be exchanged. You will find information about literature about the subject ‘Postal War’ and how to obtain it. There will be updates on the 2011 ‘Postal War’ catalogue and other books on the subject, and also a library of published articles and forgeries alerts will be maintained.
You can download the following new information on the theme ‘Postal War’:
• three newly discovered examples of ‘Postal Wars’ items not mentioned in the specialised Burhop/Heijs catalogue: 1964 Germany 50 pfennig Ellwangen with alleged ‘Hitler head in tree’; 1964 Switzerland meter mark with the words ‘Help Refugees’ and 2014 Russia stamps with Crimea motives;
• variations/sub-numbers to existing catalogue entries;
• an update of the book ‘The Berlin Postal War of 1948-49’ by Wolfgang Elsner;
• an update of the book ‘Classical Postal Wars – before 1948’ by Wolfgang Elsner
and lots of other useful information.
The site will be updated regularly and is expected to be of substantial help to collectors. So it’s wise to keep in touch!