01.03.2013 - PHILA HISTORICA unveils its contents
For several weeks now, a comprehensive description of the contents of a new digital medium, ‘Zeitschrift für Philateliegeschichte und Literatur’ is available.

The magazine, which title translates as ‘Journal for Philatelic History and Literature’ will be distributed from mid-March 2013. The publication is purely digital: subscribers can receive the subsequent editions only by means of email - free of charge. It has become clear, thanks to information now available, that the magazine will bring not only fascinating insights into the early history of philatelic matters and literature, but will also will describe actual experiences within the world of contemporary philately. Numerous German philatelic libraries have indicated that they are prepared to offer information, via the new magazine, about additions to their collections. Also, they will provide data about existing archives, including those maintained by the private sector.
The publisher of the digital magazine, Wolfgang Maassen, has prepared a pdf document that provides information about the objectives and the contents of ‘Zeitschrift für Philateliegeschichte und Literatur’; you may request a copy at w.maassen @ It seems that the new magazine will be received well: only two weeks after the new digital publication had been announced more than 250 interested parties already had requested to be inserted in the mailing list of the magazine. Therefore it seems certain that this ‘special interest publication’ meets a substantial demand.