27.02.2013 - Philatelic “Nobel Prizes” 2011-2013 awarded in Berlin
In 1909 the renowned philatelist Marcellus Purneil Castle described the Lindenberg Medal – instituted only three years earlier – as “The Nobel Prize of Philately”.

He certainly knew what he was talking about: in the aforementioned year Purneil Castle himself was the recipient of the legendary medal. Since the early days of the twentieth century, the award has been handed over many times, the only interruptions being caused by wartime circumstances. A range of the most renowned philatelic researchers, authors and exhibitors have been honoured in this way by the society that established the foundation responsible for the awards, i.e. the “Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888”. The society, now represented by its President Wolfgang Bauer, hands out the awards only at special occasions, which means that medals for a number of years are awarded during one event. This year, on 15 February, the Berlin club celebrated its 125th anniversary, which offered a stylish backdrop for the ceremony.
For the year 2011, the Lindenberg Medal went to Patrick Pearson, who, since 1964(!), has been working for the Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society in London. Pearson has been an international judge since 1968; already in 1974 he signed the prestigious "Roll of Distinguished Philatelists”. He has been President of the Royal Philatelic Society and numerous other clubs and reputable institutions.
Wolfgang Maassen, a German philatelist, who is perhaps best known as the author of numerous historical studies and extensive philately trusses, was also honoured with the Lindenberg Medal, in this case for the year 2012. Like the other award winners, Maassen has been the inspiring organizer of many important exhibitions (like IBRA in 2009 and IPHLA in 2012). He acts as President or Chairman of many renowned associations and clubs and he is also a regular exhibitor of valuable philatelic historical objects. Let’s not forget his activities as the Editor of numerous magazines, including the official German magazine “philatelie”, which he runs since 1989.
The same can be said of Robert P. Odenweller, who received the Lindenberg Medal for 2013. His mission in life has been and still is the authorship of a number of important postal history publications about Samoa and New Zealand, and with the same zeal he acts as the long-time Editor of the "Collectors Club Philatelist". Apart from that, he also has been an exhibitor at many internationally expositions, including FIP World Exhibitions.
For the year 2013 also a second Lindenberg Medal was awarded; it went to the American author and organiser Kees Adema. For his publication (in three volumes) about the postal history of the Netherlands Adema received, during IPHLA 2012, the highest prize to be won. Like the other persons who received the Lindenberg Medal, Kees Adema has also received many other impressive awards, an example being the Carlrichard Bruehl Medal in 2003. Adema also has signed the "Roll", in 2010.
On the picture are the four Lindenberg Medal winners with in their midst the President of the “Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888”, Wolfgang Bauer. From left we see Patrick Pearson, Wolfgang Maassen, Wolfgang Bauer, Robert P. Odenweller and Kees Adema. Photo: BPhK