18.01.2013 - The beloved dolls of Dr. Heinz Jaeger are for sale
Former President and current Honorary President of the German BDPh and Consilium Philatelicum has a legendary topical stamp collection about dolls.

Dr. Jaeger has built this collection during decades, since the middle of the 20th Century. The focus of this collection has always been on beauty, and not so much on rarity or a high value. It contains many classic stamps from all over the world, with a sharp view on an artistic symbiosis of the applied cancellations in conjunction with the images on the stamps. Everything had to fit meticulously: the cancellations had to be clean and perfectly centred, the stamps had to have luxurious margins, their perforations had to be perfect and the colours of the stamps had to shine in their original brilliance.
It has been a treasure that belonged to the few mostly favoured collections in the possession of Dr. Jaeger, whose intention it was to show the aesthetic side of the ‘miniature art’ that stamps have on offer. But now, after more than fifty years, Dr. Jaeger has decided that the time has come to part from this collection; it will be for sale on the March auction of Heinrich Koehler’s in Wiesbaden (Germany).