04.06.2020 - FIP-Ausstellung “CAPETOWN 2021” in Südafrika wird verlegt
(FEPA) The Commissioner General of the Cape Town 2021 FIP World specialized exhibition has just informed us about the postponement of the event. The new dates are November 9 – 13, 2021. More information can be found at

28.05.2020 - New date for Nordia 2020 will be December 4-6, 2020
As the corona crisis appears to last longer than we hoped, the Exhibition Committee has decided to postpone implementation until the first weekend in December.

19.05.2020 - Autumn Stampex postponed and replaced with Virtual Stampex event
The Philatelic Traders’ Society, responsible for hosting Stampex International, today announced that the Autumn 2020 Stampex show scheduled for the 30th September to 3rd October has been postponed

14.05.2020 - Antverpiade 2020 moved to 11-13 June 2021
The Corona crisis and the Covid-19 virus have caused our government to decide that events such as Antverpiade 2020 cannot and should not take place on the planned dates.

12.05.2020 - "Greetings from Roeselaere" - a special greeting in Corona times
(pcp-wm) Anyone who knows the president of the Club de Monte-Carlo, Patrick Maselis, knows that he is always good for a humorous punch line.

10.05.2020 - Harmers International cancels its summer auction!
(pcp-wm) As is well known, the corona situation in the USA, especially in New York, is still quite problematic and hardly allows long-term planning.

09.05.2020 - 2022 CAPEX 22 takes place in Toronto
(pcp-wm) In 1996 the last international exhibition, CAPEX 96, took place in Canada. Now, after 26 years, Canadian philatelists are planning a new attempt with CAPEX 22, which will take place from 9-12 June in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

06.05.2020 - STOCKHOLMIA 2019: £60,600 "Profit" for the Royal Philatelic Society London
(pcp-wm) On 8 May 2020, LONDON 2020 was supposed to be the occasion for the presentation of a cheque to the Royal Philatelic Society London for the proceeds of last year's exhibition in Stockholm, after deduction of all costs.

16.04.2020 - NIEUWE DIGITALE PUBLICATIE: Het Filatelistisch Bulletin van het Midden-Oosten (Issue 14)
(pcp-wm) Op het internetadres kunnen geïnteresseerden in de filatelie van het Midden-Oosten het laatste nummer van dit gratis (!) digitale magazine downloaden.

14.04.2020 - LONDON 2020 postpones literature class to STAMPEX in September 2020
(pcp-wm) On April 11, Walter Bernatek, BDPh commissioner of LONDON 2020, informed all registered literature and stamp exhibitors about the changes in the planning of this exhibition.

01.04.2020 - Revised auction calendar
(aphv/pcp-wm) In these changing times, printed matter is hardly up-to-date when it is published. All trade journals have this problem, so it makes sense to publish an update for upcoming auctions:

30.03.2020 - DELCAMPE celebrates anniversary
(sh/pcp-wm) For 10 years the association "Graine de Vie" has been actively participating in the reforestation of Madagascar. Behind this project is its founder, the notary Frédéric Debouche.

29.03.2020 - Sperati update at Heinrich Köhler, Wiesbaden
(pcp-wm) In 2003, philatelic historian Wolfgang Maassen published a more comprehensive biography of the master forger Jean de Sperati, which was published in his book "Echt oder Falsch.

28.03.2020 - Corona and the international philatelic events calendar
(pcp-wm) What can be observed at the Olympic Committee, Formula 1, international sports federations and clubs, does not leave world philately unscathed. Numerous events have been cancelled or postponed, reports FIP President Bernie Beston from Austra

26.03.2020 - Prague Prestige Philatelic Club plans museum show in November 2020
(pcp-wm) You could already read something about the new association founded two years ago in December 2019. See:

25.03.2020 - Iran honours its heroes in the fight against Corona - With a stamp
(Axel Brockmann/pcp) Applaud or simply say "thank you": The heroes of Corona pandamas in health care, nursing, research and in all areas that are important for a community are celebrated.

23.03.2020 - NEWLY PUBLISHED: Wolfgang Maassen: A new regulation for philatelic literature at FIP exhibitions
(pcp-wm) It was long overdue, because the FIP's current rules and regulations still came from the "stone age". It was adopted in 1985 - 35 years ago! - at the FIP Congress in Rome.

17.03.2020 - LONDON 2020: Exhibition Dates
Please forgive my silence over the last week or two, but trying to find a way of managing the London 2020 exhibition that both is safe and secure, as well as being financially robust, has been a major challenge.

16.03.2020 - LONDON 2020: Exhibition Dates
Please forgive my silence over the last week or two, but trying to find a way of managing the London 2020 exhibition that both is safe and secure, as well as being financially robust, has been a major challenge.

07.03.2020 - Collecta in Slovenia postponed
(pcp) The team of Collecta wrote:

02.03.2020 - MILANOFIL 27-28 March 2020 cancelled!
(pcp-wm) As the DBZ announced on its website on 27 February 2020, this year's MILANOFIL will not take place in Milan.

28.02.2020 - Dr. Mark BOTTU, President of Oost-Phila
(MB) Our Belgian AIJP director Dr. Mark Bottu - who was appointed editor-in-chief of 'De Postzegel' a few months ago - was elected President of Oost-Phila on 15 February.

27.02.2020 - LONDON 2020 – Corona Virus
(fw/pcp) The Chairman of the Organising Committee of LONDON 2020, Frank Walton, announced this on 27.2.2020:

21.02.2020 - Great variety of offers at the spring auction of Corinphila Veilingen (2-4 April 2020)
(Amstelveen/pcp) From 2 to 4 April 2020, the auction house Corinphila Veilingen invites you to the traditional spring auction in Amstelveen near Amsterdam.

12.02.2020 - New special catalogue for the local mail of the contracting ports in China
(fjp/pcp) Nach dem „(fjp/pcp) After the "Special Catalogue of the Local Post of Shanghai (1865 to 1897)" as a bilingual version in German and English, the "Special Catalogue of the Contracting Ports of China (1893-1898)" has now been published. der

12.02.2020 - NEW BOOK: Pragya Kothari Jain: Gems of Indian Philately
(pcp-wm) The title of this English-language book already sounds promising, for it promises the reader "Gems of Philately of India". The author, son of the renowned Indian philatelist Pradib Jain, fulfils this promise in a remarkable way.

10.02.2020 - Golden Needle of Merit of the BDPh for Dr. Wolf Hess, R.D.P¨. - New appointments to the Consilium Philatelicum
(pcp-wm) On 7 February 2020, the well-known philatelist, juror and author, Dr. Wolf Hess, celebrated his 75th birthday with his family and some friends.

10.02.2020 - In May 2020 the new book by Dr. Wolf Hess about the postal history of Finland will be published
pcp-wm) To see an "Erlking" in philately is hardly conceivable. This was made possible by Phil*Creativ Verlag, which has been publishing a book manuscript by Dr. Wolf Hess entitled "Postal History Finland. From the early beginnings to the entry of R

02.02.2020 - London 2020: Something for every collector
(London/pcp) Every London international stamp exhibition has historically attracted many of the best exhibits from across the world, and this is certainly true of London 2020.

13.01.2020 - Dr Wolf Hess: Postal History London
(pcp-wm) In April and July 1994 Dr Wolf Hess published a postal history of London in two parts. At that time he stated that this publication was the first in German language on this highly complex subject.

12.01.2020 - RECENTLY PUBSLISHED : Volkmar Werdermann: Die unterschiedlichen Kalender. Eine Anleitung zur Umrechnung der Stempeldaten
(pcp-wm) In 1894 a book by Oskar Kausch was published by the publishing house of Gebr. Senf: "Die Sprachwissenschaft in der Briefmarkenkunde".

10.01.2020 - Artenschutz und Dinosaurier/ Species protection and dinosaurs: 2 new MICHEL motif catalogues published
(pcp-wm) The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is concerned for a long time with the protection of species worldwide, which becomes an increasingly urgent concern when you see how many species are on the verge of extinction.

09.01.2020 - Freedom of the press - a precious commodity
(aijp/pcp-wm) On 2 January 2020, Deutsche Post issued a special stamp on the subject of "Freedom of the press", which was long overdue in view of the events taking place around the world.

09.01.2020 - PHILA HISTORICA Nr. 4/2019 erschienen!
(pcp-wm) Nahezu pünktlich zum Jahreswechsel erschien auch die vierte Ausgabe dieses kostenlosen digitalen Magazins, das Interessenten unter herunterladen können.

09.01.2020 - Discovering YOUTUBE can be an experience!
(pcp-wm) Kjell Wikander is a collector from Sweden. He has a passion: he likes to film. Furthermore, he is a philatelist. So what could be more natural for him than to share his films with peers?

07.01.2020 - "Neighbours have beautiful daughters too!" - Postal history magazines in Italy
(pcp-wm) Postal history is still a trend that inspires philatelists in many countries.

05.01.2020 - Retro is on - a new MICHEL album
(pcp-wm) As is well known, MICHEL always has his ear to the ground and picks up on trends that he knows how to translate into independent, sometimes unusual productions.

05.01.2020 - German literature exhibitors present at LONDON 2020
(pcp-wm) The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Frank Walton, announced that the literature class at the exhibition LONDON 2020 would probably be the largest ever at this event.

27.12.2019 - NEW BOOKS James Van Der Linden: Mail across the Oceans. From the beginning to 1875
(pcp-wm) There is no need to introduce the author's name to a postal historian: the Belgian van der Linden is probably the most famous and world-famous expert in his field.

26.12.2019 - NEW REPORTS Dr. Andreas Birken: Hyderabad
(pcp-wm) This study by the author, who died a few weeks ago, was recently published as Research Report 7 of the Research Association for India and South Asia in the BDPh e. V.

26.12.2019 - NEW ARRIVALS: Edition d'Or - Volume 59 - South America - The postal history of maritime shipping 1606-1886 The Everaldo Santos Collection
(pcp-wm) The Brazilian Everaldo Santos has been one of Brazil's top exhibitors for decades, making a name for himself with big gold medals and Grand Prix awards.

20.12.2019 - Loss of an expertise shipment
(pcp-wm) As reported by a German auction house, some valuable pieces have been lost in the mail on their way to the examiner.

20.12.2019 - Chris King Received the Delcampe Prize for Philately at MonacoPhil 2019
On November 30, during a cocktail reception organized at Monacophil by Delcampe and the President of the Monte-Carlo Club, Sébastien Delcampe presented Christopher King with the Delcampe Prize for Philately.

19.12.2019 - European Parliament Prize 2019 for Henk Slabbinck
(rvs/pcp) During MonacoPhil 2019, at a gala dinner in the noble Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo, the European Academy of Philately (AEP) awarded the European Parliament Prize for the fourth time.

19.12.2019 - AEP Congress in Monaco 30 November 2019
(rvs/pcp) At the annual congress of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) during MonacoPhil on 30 November 2019, President Jean Voruz (Switzerland) presented his annual report .

17.12.2019 - Princely Award for German Philatelic Historian W. Maassen
During the Monacophil Gala Dinner, attended by Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline of Monaco, two renowned philatelists were awarded by Princess Caroline and Prince Albert with II the Albert II Medal.

16.12.2019 - AIJP Executive Board supports IBRA 2021 in Essen as congress venue
(pcp-wm) At the end of November 2019, the AIJP Board unanimously decided to propose IBRA 2021 as the venue for its 2021 Congress at the upcoming London Congress in May 2020.

16.12.2019 - Ari Muhonen from Finland becomes new AIJP Director
(pcp-wm) On November 28, 2019, the Board of Directors of AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists, unanimously approved the appointment of Ari Muhonen to the Board. The directorship had been vacant for years.

10.12.2019 - The IBRA 2021 is on the right track!
(pcp-wm) During MonacoPhil 2019, current facts and figures about the upcoming FIP World Exhibition in Essen were once again presented to the participants of the FEPA Congress on 29 November.

09.12.2019 - 09.12.2019 - 45 stamps for more than 1 million Swiss francs sold at auction ERIVAN collection stamps achieved top prices at Corinphila auction series
(Zurich/pcp) The conclusion of the Corinphila anniversary year could hardly have been more spectacular: The ERIVAN Switzerland and Zeppelin Mail collections were auctioned with great success.

06.12.2019 - MONACOPHIL 2019: Egyptian brilliance in bright sunshine - 3 days of top-class philately
(pcp-wm) While the south of France, even the Côte d'Azur, experienced floods due to heavy storm rains, the sun shone in Monaco from 28 to 30 November.

05.12.2019 - Unique treasures of the German States – The sale of the ERIVAN collection enters its second round!
(Wiesbaden/pcp) On 14 December 2019, Germany's oldest stamp auction house, Heinrich Koehler, invites you to the second auction of unique treasures from the "ERIVAN Collection –German States" in Wiesbaden.

01.12.2019 - The Queen opens new RPSL headquarters
(rpsl/pcp) On Tuesday, 26 November Her Majesty the Queen, graciously visited 15 Abchurch Lane to open officially the new headquarters of The Royal Philatelic Society London.

26.11.2019 - MonacoPhil opens its doors on 28 November! - Stampblock Monacophil / L'Egypte
(pcp-wm) From 28 to 30 November, the internationally renowned MonacoPhil exhibition will once again take place in Monte-Carlo.

24.11.2019 - The European Championship for thematic philately at Verona - After the event: innovation and quality
The event now behind us, it is the time for the first reflections. Two are the aspects on which the general commissioner, Paolo Guglielminetti, wanted to focus

23.11.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: : Dr. Joachim Helbig -Beiträge zur europäischen Transitpost (Band 1)
(jh/pcp-wm) It is time for new impulses in post-historical research. A look at the last 50 years shows a strong dynamic.

22.11.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: MICHEL butterflies
(ok/pcp-wm) The MICHEL volume "Schmetterlinge - Ganze Welt" is now available in its second edition. This is a sign of the popularity of this collection, but also of the fascination that butterflies exert.

22.11.2019 - New published: Michel Eastern Europe 2019/2020 (level 7)
(ok/pcp-wm) This new work contains stamp catalogues from Poland and Russia (including the Soviet era) and the USSR successor states of Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

20.11.2019 - Collection auction at Felzmann into the late evening hours
(Düsseldorf-gm/pcp) It is shortly before 10 p.m. when the last hammer falls on the Saturday of the auction in Düsseldorf and auctioneer Peter Such declares the 167th Felzmann auction closed.

20.11.2019 - BIRDS IN ALBANIAN STAMPS (1913-2018)
Albania has a really important geographic position in Balkan Penninsula and Mediterranean Sea. Its terrain is rich in mountains, forests, fields, rivers, lakes, seas, with a diverse flora and fauna which distinguishes for a high biodiversity.

19.11.2019 - NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter - November 2019
Bulletin No. 1: We have started setting up NOTOS 2021 two years ago and right now we are exactly two years away from the Grand Opening. The 38-page Bulletin No. 1 pretty much sums up the first part of the story.

15.11.2019 - London 2020 getting closer
It will not be long before London 2020, the international stamp exhibition to be held at the Business Design Centre in London’s Islington in May, is upon us.

14.11.2019 - PREVIEW: 157th Dr. Derichs auction on 28 November 2019 in Cologne. Special catalogue "The Postal History of the Memelland".
(pcp-wm) Memelland has a very eventful history. Since the introduction of stamps in 1850 it was Prussian, then from 1871 it belonged to the newly founded German Reich.

14.11.2019 - Great Philately - from the House of Christian Geigle
(pcp-wm) Since 1 November 2019, the new fixed price offer from the Grünwalder specialist dealer Christian Geigle has been available.

13.11.2019 - Happy Feast at Felzmann again
(Düsseldorf-gm/pcp) Ulrich Felzmann will again auction a complete sheet of the popular "Kerstfest Misprint" in his autumn auction. For the first time Felzmann achieved a top bid for this German stamp, which was withdrawn in 2016, in 2017.

12.11.2019 - Unique treasures of the Old German States - The sale of the ERIVAN collection enters its second round!
(Wiesbaden/pcp) On 14 December 2019, Germany's oldest stamp auction house Heinrich Köhler invites you to the second auction of unique treasures from the "Collection ERIVAN - Altdeutsche Staaten" in Wiesbaden.

11.11.2019 - MonacoPhil 2019 - AIJP Academy – 29 November 2019, Hôtel Hermitage, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
(pcp-wm) From 28 to 30 November the international exhibition MonacoPhil will take place again in Monte-Carlo.

10.11.2019 - News from the BPP
(gg/pcp) Helena Obermüller Wilén, Huddinge, has a new address: Observationsvägen 20, SE-141 38 Huddinge, Sweden.

10.11.2019 - BArGe Portugal publishes special issue on stamps and miniature sheets of Stamperija agency
(rk/pcp) Since the end of 2019, the production of stamps and miniature sheets for Angola has been overtaking the philately market.

06.11.2019 - Annual General Meeting of the AIEP: NEW MEMBERS 2019
(aiep-tm/pcp) During the last Annual General Meeting of the AIEP in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (October 18, 2019) the following new experts have been elected as new members of the association (with specialization):

28.10.2019 - Catalogue for the 157th Dr. Derichs Auction on November 28/29, 2019 with a
(pcp-wm) Roland Meiners, owner of the Cologne auction house Dr. Wilhelm Derichs, is well known for his unusual forewords, as well as for his unusual "accompanying actions", which often provide topics of conversation even in insider circles.

27.10.2019 - Briefmarken-Auktionshaus Rauhut & Krusche: Auction catalogue with a circulation of 44,000 copies!
(pcp-wm) , One might not believe one's eyes and think that a scribbler might have made a mistake for a position, that it might have to be 4,400 or only 4,000 copies.

20.10.2019 - Schwaneberger Verlag awarded the German Publishers Prize 2019
(AIJP-uk/pcp) In a ceremony during the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Schwaneberger Verlag was presented with the German Publishers Award 2019.

18.10.2019 - AIJP-Directeur Dr. Mark Bottu wordt hoofdredacteur van ‘De Postzegel’
Gedurende een moeilijke overgangsperiode werd ‘De Postzegel’, het meest vooraanstaande Belgische (Nederlandstalige) filatelie-tijdschrift in Belgje geleid door Guido LEFEVER, die tevens ook secretaris van de ‘Vlaamse Bond van Postzegelverzamelaars ‘

17.10.2019 - IBRA-Homepage online!
(bdph-jb/pcp) In a good 18 months IBRA 2021 will open its doors at Messe Essen from 6 to 9 May.

16.10.2019 - CAPE TOWN 2021 reduces fees for literature exhibitors
(pcp-wm) From 17 to 20 March 2021 a World Exhibition of Philately under FIP Patronage will take place in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. It is the first ever to be held on the African continent.

09.10.2019 - A captain at sea finds his final resting place on the sea: Ingo Maahz † 13.9.2019
(pcp-wm) Ingo Maahz, born on March 30, 1936 in Rostock, Germany, had written history with his NAVICULA Ships and Shipping Company and at the same time closely linked his profession and hobby.

08.10.2019 - A great philatelist has passed away: Hermann Walter Sieger
(pcp-wm) On September 30, 2019, the renowned philatelist and philatelic patron Consul Hermann Walter Sieger from Lorch was relieved of his many years of suffering. Sieger, born on 6 April 1928 in Schwäbisch-Gmünd,

04.10.2019 - The Bill-Gross-USA-Collection goes beyond all expectations
(pcp-wm) One is reminded of the old saying that the USA is the land of unlimited possibilities when one looks at the three auction catalogues of the renowned auction company Robert Siegel, which has been auctioning the collection of the stock market

17.09.2019 - Gary Brown (Died 14. September 2019)
The President of the FIP Literature Commission, Gary Brown from Australia, died suddenly and unexpectedly. At STOCKHOLMIA 2019 he was still a member of the jury and evaluated philatelic literature

15.09.2019 - SHORTLY PUBLISHED: MICHEL Südosteuropa 2019/2020 (EK 4)5 South East Europe)
(ok/pcp-wm) MICHEL Südosteuropa 2019/2020 is another volume produced with the new Philatelic Database (PDB). On the outside you can see the change in the revised layout.

15.09.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION: Volker Köppel: Deutsche Bundes- und Philatelistentage 1889–1945. Handbuch und Katalog
(pcp-wm) One might think that this popular field of collecting has already been extensively researched in recent decades. Volker Köppel's new book, however, brings more.

14.09.2019 - TO BE PUBLISHED: MICHEL Auslandgebiete der USA (Foreig 5n territories of the USA)
(ok/pcp-wm) In 2017 a series was started about the issues of the colonial powers. There are now four volumes for the French, British (two volumes) and Colonial issues of the other European states. But there were also states outside Europe .

13.09.2019 - PREVIEW: 25th FELZMANN-E@uction from 23-26 September 2019
(uf/pcp-wm) From 23 to 26 September 2019 the 25th e@uction will take place at Felzmann. The small jubilee will be taken as an opportunity to expand the offer at this online auction.

12.09.2019 - Icelandic post office before the end!
(pcp-wm) A few days ago, the Philatelic Service of the Post of Iceland (Postphil) announced drastic changes that make collectors listen out like trade

12.09.2019 - AEP Awards 2019 for Henk Slabbinck, Patrick Maselis and Guy Duteau
(pcp-wm) The Board of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) is once again awarding prizes to philatelists who have rendered outstanding services to philately in Europe in recent years.

11.09.2019 - NEWLY PUBLISHED: Leserbriefe: Ausgewählte Briefe an die MICHEL-Redaktion
(MICHEL-PR/pcp) Schwaneberger Verlag recently issued a press release on a new book title that clearly differs from the usual and familiar literature produced by the publisher.

10.09.2019 - BArGe Portugal publishes the eleventh issue of the free digital magazine "Modern Angola Philately".
(rk/pcp) The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Portugal and former colonies e.V. im BDPh e.V. presents the eleventh issue of the free digital magazine "Moderne Angola-Philatelie" (MAP).

10.09.2019 - A new stamp catalogue for the Abstimmungsgebiet Allenstein 1920
(pcp-wm) Gunnar Gruber, an expert in this field, has recently published a new work in which 282 pages with over 300 stamp illustrations summarize numerous new findings.

02.09.2019 - Free portrait stamp for every visitor!
(jb/pcp-wm) Writing letters is the basis for the hobby of stamps. This is why Messe Sindelfingen has been inviting school classes to attend workshops on the subject of “writing letters” during the Stamp Fair for several years now.

30.08.2019 - MICHEL Southern Europe 2019 (Ek 3)
(ok/cj-pcp-wm) MICHEL Southern Europe 2019 contains the popular collection areas around the Adriatic with the Apennine Peninsula and the area of former Yugoslavia.

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Liechtenstein Special 2019/2020 (Michel)
(ok/pcp-wm) Liechtenstein is celebrating in 2019the “300th anniversary of Liechtenstein”. This refers to the 1719 unification of the two dominions of Schellenberg and Vaduz. This region became a principality directly linked to the emperor Charles VI

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Michel Schweiz-Spezial 2019/2020
(ok/pcp-wm) The collection of Swiss stamps and postal stationeries continues to enjoy great popularity at Switzerland and abroad. This is not only due to price stability of the Swiss franc, but also to the intelligent issuing policy of Swiss Post.

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION: MICHEL Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 (ÜK 2.1)
(ok/pcp-wm) With the MICHEL Overseas Volume 2, Part 1 Caribbean Islands A-J 2019/2020 from the MICHEL Overseas Series, the reworking of stamps from the Caribbean begins. This first Caribbean volume contains stamps from Anguilla to Jamaica.

26.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Ute and Dr. Elmar Dorr – Der Orient-Express 1883-1914
(pcp-wm) Who wouldn't like to take the Orient-Express from Paris to Constantinople? Whether it's to read Agatha Christie's novel "Murder in the Orient Express" or simply to enjoy this luxury train?

24.08.2019 - Multilateral Stamp Exhibition Luxembourg 2019
(PTT Lux./pcp-wm) As already announced, Luxembourg will host this year the Multilateral Stamp Collectors Associations of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein and Slovenia

24.08.2019 - Luxembourg celebrates the 85th anniversary of the Philatelists Association
(PTT Lux./pcp-wm) In Germany and in many other countries, it would hardly be conceivable, but the "85th anniversary of the FSPL" (Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) is worth a block of stamps issued by the Post Office

29.07.2019 - CG-Awards 2019: Latest submission deadline is 15 October 2019
(pcp-wm) The highly endowed CG Förderpreis Philatelie will be awarded in 2019for the seventh time.

29.07.2019 - NEW EDITION: Oswald Walter: Reichsadler und Brieftaube: Private Postdienstleister in Mannheim und Ludwigshafen 1886–1900
(ow/pcp) The postal monopoly in the 19th century is a holy grail, carefully cherished and maintained by all German states.

23.07.2019 - PHILA HISTORICA No. 2/2019 released!
(pcp-wm) For many philatelists and literary historians, every new issue of this 250-page magazine, which is for free four times a year, is always delighting