Patronages by the AIJP for International Events


It isn't a really new idea of introducing a patronage of the AIJP because there were patronages many years ago. It is such patronages that offer the Executive Board the possibility of honouring outstanding national and international events and also promoting the AIJP, the name and its existence worldwide. Why these patronages fell into oblivion is not known.

Not any event can be awarded a patronage. It should not be misused to make profit but promote philately by good press work for high-class events which serve the claims and aims of the AIJP. The patronage is to be seen as a special kind of partnership that serves both partners.

So patronages can correspondingly be awarded for all events which have to be assigned to the title 'international' even if they are only national exhibitions. Applications have to be addressed to the president who assigns the approval in agreement with the Executive Board.

Patronage by the AIJP for International Events

Patronats-LogoSince many years the AIJP patronises events that on one hand support the idea of internationality on the other hand promote philately effectively. After the examination of the event concerned, its rules and conception the patronage will be awarded. Due to its high class the AIJP will make sure it is well represented in the press and recommended to visitors.

For the AIJP it means to look after the compliances with standards for journalists. The AIJP herself will publish multilingual press releases in order to promote the respective event.

Basically every important philatelic exhibition but also stamp fairs, salons and special philatelic activities can apply for patronage as long as they comply with the standards of internatioality and high-class philately.

Awarded Patronages

The following events applied for and were awarded patronages:

24.–26.10.2013 31. Internationale Briefmarken-Börse Sindelfingen
2.–4.11.2012 IPHLA 2012 Internationale Philatelistische Literaturausstellung

Rules for Patronages by the AIJP

The AIJP unites the authors and philatelic journalists of international philately. The AIJP tries to support literature and current reporting to the media. The Association contributes to the support of the reputation and receipt of the philately at home and abroad.

The AIJP introduced "AIJP Patronage" within the first years of its existence awarded exclusively to important philatelic events. During the sixties and seventies of the last century mainly philatelic world exhibitions were awarded a patronage. Later on stamp fairs and modern forms of exhibitions developed international importance and high class so that they, too, must be considered worthwile for patronage. They became a valuable supplement and thus contribute to the promotion of philately across borders.

The AIJP now takes on this good tradition with view to offering patronage to international exhibitions, stamp fairs and special events which help develop the promotion of the philately and will support such events actively. The following performance features are scheduled:

a) Obligations of the AIJP

b) Obligations of the organiser

Patronage Charges

A formless application for patronage can be made at any time. The award will be sent to applicants with an invoice. By payment of the patronage charges the obligations mentioned above are regarded as agreed.

Deviations or changes have duly to be agreed in writing. - Effective from January 2012