The Philatelic Journalist

The Bulletin of the AIJP

The circular letters of the AIJP - traditionally called Bulletins, now Philatelic Journalist – are the link between the board and the members. They will be apear at least twice a year. On the one hand they will contain news about the activities of the board, on the other hand there will als be important specific and useful articles for journalists, authors and friends of philatelic literature.

The bulletins are for members only though they can be purcased by non-members at the cost of one years membership fee. This is to show that the AIJP membership is worth much more than the mere membership fee.

Tradesmen and companies are welcome to place advertisements in the bulletin. Please, see the details below.

Adverts in the AIJP-Bulletin

There is the possibility to advertise in the various bulletin editions. This alternative is especially interesting for those who do not prefer the status of "Official Partner of the AIJP". This certainly is a chance to recommend one's company as well as the company's products or services to the journalists and the media represented by them. At the same time you effectively support the work of the AIJP by placing an advertisement.

The advertising rates are as follows (also see the Media Kit):

size black and white colour
1/2 page 200 Euro
full page 300 Euro 400 Euro
cover page 2 480 Euro
cover page 3 450 Euro
cover page 4 500 Euro

Adverts ought to be send as pdf-files optimised for printing. After placing the order the advertiser will be informed about the details of the placement like exact dimesions and closing date of the nearest issue. Beforehand these details can be supplied on demand for each issue.

It is possible to state a preference of the exact placement of the advertisements, on the basis 'first come, first served'. The invoice will be presented after printing and will be sent with a sample copy. (Effective from January 2012)